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Yoga at Work

Check Your Posture

Are you in pain/uncomfortable while you work? Check your posture.

Aura Seating Yoga at Work: Check your Posture

How to Sit

  1. Sit in the chair with your back and butt touching the chair's back.  

  2. Keep your legs and feet apart in the natural position, with your feet planted firmly on the ground (consider getting a fatigue mat with rollers to improve circulation)

  3. Place your hands on the table. Your shoulders should be lowered and relaxed with arms parallel to the ground. 

  4. Sit up straight so your eyes meet the mid section of your monitor (raise your monitor if needed).

  5. When standing, push your body to the edge of your seat, and avoid bending at the waist. 

Yoga Poses

Need a break, try some of these poses to ease pain and discomfort. 

Chair Yoga

with Kassandra!

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