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Aura Seating About Us
Aura Seating's Original Logo

"From ocean to forest to earth, we are an integral part of nature –– taking from it and returning to it to help restore the balance" - Minal (CEO) and Sanjay (COO)

About Us

Minal was born with scoliosis, so her parents put her in yoga classes to help support her posture. When Minal grew up, she became an architect. While working, she noticed the furniture she was using was not made for her. It was uncomfortable, not posture friendly, and definitely not sustainable. So Minal and Sanjay (a global supply chain executive) decided to create Aura Seating, which is dedicated to making yoga-based products with you in mind. 

We create yoga-based products with you in mind, by consulting with chiropractors and kinesiologists to ensure our designs support your posture. We also offer customization options because we believe the product should adapt to you. And we do it sustainably because we believe in reducing our impact on the environment. 

In 2021, we expanded into the hospitality industry because we felt these businesses needed better products. And most recently, in 2023, we decided to expand into government contracts and the transportation industry for the same reason.     

Our Core Values

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We believe our customers, employees, and suppliers are the heart of our company. Therefore, we treat everyone with love and respect.


We believe in sustainability. So we create products with the planet in mind. To find out more, visit our sustainability page.  


We believe in our community, so we serve them however we can. Whether it's volunteering or donating unused furniture. 

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