Aura Seating is a designer and manufacturer of Yoga based ergonomic seating and office products. The company is focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship by keeping it front and center in all the activities (Design, HR, Operations and Customer Service).

The company has a customer centric, associates first culture that shows in how we take care of our customers and associates alike.

The company is registered as a Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise located in Torrance, California. We encourage diversity and seek out disadvantaged groups to employ and support in our organization.

Minal Mondkar, President of Aura Seating has over 25 years in the Architectural and Product design industry. Minal has a Master of Architecture from Lawrence Technological University, a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Hawaii and a Bachelor of Interior Design from Rachna College (India).

Minal is the principal designer and creative director at the company and directs all the intellectual work for the business. She sponsors the associates first strategy and oversees the strategic investments and goals for the company.

Sanjay Murty, Principal of Aura Seating has over 25 years in the Engineering design, Manufacturing and Operations in various industries- Architecture, Aerospace and Automotive. Sanjay has a Master of Engineering from University of Hawaii and a Bachelor of Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology (India).

Sanjay oversees the engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and operations for the business. He is responsible for business development and customer service to deliver the customer excellence service goals for the business.


Yoga at Work

We are a Yoga based designer and manufacturer of office furniture with the belief that the principles of yoga can lead to a better work environment. Our products go beyond ergonomics and Kinesiology to focus on the correct posture and movements.


Our designers are very cognizant of the use of materials that are recycled/recyclable and sustainable. We design modular products with lifetime structural reliability. The customer can choose to refurbish the product with us with new materials so we can continue to use the product without taking it to a landfill.

Social Responsibility

We work with local vendors and other small business to create our product and add value to our supply chain. By collaborating with others we are able to share in the success and generate additional opportunities for the local economy.


We are a California based team of product creators who are passionate about designs in office and resomerical products. Our core strength is in relationships – customers, associates and supplier partners. We design, prototype and manufacture new products faster than anyone in the industry. This allows us to customize our products to meet our customer needs in quick turn around time.


On time Delivery

We deliver high quality products to our customers on their schedule and keep our promises. We make products in 2-5-10-15 days and ship to reach our customers on time.


We stand by our products and take responsibility for our shortcomings and make every effort to make it right. We make it very easy to address product issues directly with our manufacturers representatives and dealers so any issues or concerns are addressed immediately to your satisfaction.


We work for the best interest of our associates and their well-being. We go beyond safety, compensation, benefits and entitlements to make sure we have an inclusive and well-being centered culture in the company. We support and encourage our employees in theirgoals, aspirations and social activities.


We have long standing relationships with our supplier partners and treat them as equals in our business. Our win-win attitude helps us address the issues promptly and take responsibility without assigning any blame. This helps us grow together and take necessary risks for our business.

Social Responsibility

We are an integral part of our community and actively support social and cultural organizations.

About Aura

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